Direct((ADSL2+)) Plans

Apex offers a range of great value broadband ADSL2+ plans to best suit your internet needs. By using our direct partners network infrastructure, we are able to provide internet users across Australia with access to cheap, fast, reliable and easy to use broadband services.

All of Apex's new ADSL-2 plans count only downloaded data, upload data is counted but not against your monthly quota allocation. There are no peak/off-peak periods, so you dont need to schedule or work around us for your downloads. Its anytime quota at Apex. Choose from our great plans to get access to fast speeds 24/7 and excellent downloads and unmetered bonus content from our NoMeters Zone

Shaped Plans

If you want peace of mind in knowing you can download as much as you like without ever paying overruns, then shaped plans are for you. If you ever reach your monthly download quota, your speed will just be slowed. You can alway purchase a data pack to topup your account at any time to avoid being shaped.

Plan Name Download GB Shape Speed Monthly Price  
Piccolo 25 GB 128 kbps $ 59.95 Signup
Mezzo 50 GB 128 kbps $ 69.95 Signup
Micra 75 GB 256 kbps $ 79.95 Signup
Grande 100 GB 256 kbps $ 89.95 Signup
Plan Name Download GB Shape Speed Monthly Price  
Eccellente 250 GB 256 kbps $ 99.95 Signup
Estremo 400 GB 256 kbps $ 109.95 Signup
Gigante 1000 GB 512 kbps $ 159.95 Signup

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Short on quota?GO

You can also purchase a data pack to "top-up" your DSL2+ service data quotas. Stating at just $10 they are an affordable way to avoid shaping if you run-over.

IPv6 Enabled

Apex was the first retail internet service provider in Australia to enable IPv6 across all of its product range, Read More

All of our internet products are IPv6 enabled, To get IPv6 on your account simply contact our helpdesk and request that IPv6 be turned on, One of our engineers will then contact you with the best available options for your account.