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NetSpeed is Canberra's Longest Established Internet Service Provider and we were the first provider to offer services on the TransACT network. With NetSpeed's TransACT services you can experience super-fast broadband access from your home or office. If you're ever away from your TransACT connection, our nationwide dial-in services are always available to keep you online.

TransACT services are only available in selected areas of Canberra and Queanbeyan, and you must have a TransWEB account with TransACT in order to utilise NetSpeed's TransACT connection plans.

Say goodbye to excess usage fees with NetSpeed Shaped Plans. You simply pay a flat rate regardless of how much time you spend online or how much you've downloaded. Click here to view further details and data block prices.
Plan Name Time Peak Offpeak Monthly  
MyShape 10 Unlimited 10GB 10GB $22.95
MyShape 25 Unlimited 25GB 25GB $29.95
MyShape 75 (New) Unlimited 75GB 75GB $34.95
MyShape 100 Unlimited 100GB 100GB $44.95
MyShape 165 (New) Unlimited 165GB $54.95
MyShape 200 Unlimited 200GB 200GB $64.95
MyShape 300 Unlimited 300GB 300GB $74.95
TS600 Unlimited 300GB 300GB $74.95
MyShape 500 Unlimited 500GB 500GB $89.00
MyShape 1000 (New) Unlimited 1000GB $99.95
TS1000 Unlimited 500GB 500GB $89.00
TSTerra Unlimited 1000GB $99.95
Plan Name Time Peak Offpeak Monthly  
EasyPlan Lite Unlimited 350MB 3GB $19.95
All-You-Can-Eat (1,500k) Unlimited Unlimited N/A $179.95
All-You-Can-Eat (5,000k) Unlimited Unlimited N/A $459.95
All-You-Can-Eat (10,000k) Unlimited Unlimited N/A $779.95
TS600 Unlimited 300GB 300GB $74.95
TS1000 Unlimited 500GB 500GB $89.00
TSTerra Unlimited 1000GB N/A $99.95
Plan Name Time Peak Offpeak Monthly  
BusinessPlan 10 Unlimited 10GB Unlimited $155.00
BusinessPlan 20 Unlimited 20GB Unlimited $279.00
BusinessPlan 40 Unlimited 40GB Unlimited $449.00
BusinessPlan 60 Unlimited 60GB Unlimited $599.00

NetSpeed business plans are specially designed to cater for the needs of businesses of all sizes. We have multiple links to the Internet backbone to provide your business with the most reliable connection. In addition to Internet access, NetSpeed Business plans also provide (at no extra charge) :

  • Dedicated IP address (for VPNs / Servers)
  • Unlimited user connections
  • Backup e-mail servers
  • Secondary DNS hosting
  • Priority technical support


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