About Us

Apex is an Australian owned, national Internet services provider.

Here are just some of the features and benefits of selecting Apex for your Internet services:

  1. We enjoy and adore the Internet. And we enjoy exceeding our customers expectations.
  2. We own a high performance, high reliability, national network dedicated to Apex customers, offering performance and reliability that are simply second to none.
  3. Friendly and caring staff offering free, expert support and sales advice, and based entirely 'in house' here at Apex.
  4. Nationally available home and business services featuring our TransACT Cable Plans, as well as nationally available DirectDSL2+ network available at over 500 exchanges nationally.
  5. An easy online signup process for broadband services, offered on a no install success, no-fee basis.
  6. Customer access plans that are designed with a customer focus, including fixed cost 'shaped' plans, download quotas you can use anytime (without needing to wait for peak or offpeak periods), and the extra flexibility to buy additional data packs on demand if your requirements change from month to month.
  7. Free Spam Filtering, Virus blocking, and other useful online mail services.
  8. Minimal contract terms and the freedom to bring your own broadband hardware or to purchase your hardware from us.
  9. Ease of transfer to Apex from other providers, as Apex participates in all industry transfer/churn processes.
  10. Up to four free additional mailboxes and personal web space with each broadband or dialup account.
  11. We care and give a damn!

The Apex network is peered at all major peering points where we have an established point of presence. Current peering points include ACT Internet Exchange (1Gbps), Equinix SY IX (1Gbps), Vocus PacificIX (100Mbps), PIPE Networks Sydney IX (1Gbps), TransACT IX (1Gbps).

Juniper Powered Network

We chose Juniper to power our network so that our customers can enjoy the benefits that Juniper equipment and technology have brought to the majority of the world's business networks. That means high reliability, scalability and overall performance.

When choosing a service provider, one of the most critical aspects of your decision should be the network. Our network is built using Juniper equipment. That means that you are assured of the same high level of reliability and performance that you enjoy with your own Juniper equipment.

We recommend customers the following Juniper products: For TransACT (Cable), TransACT (VDSL2), TransACT (FTTH), Metro/Midband Ethernet: SRX210B, For TransACT (ADSL), Direct ADSL2+ or Classic ADSL: SRX210 w/SRX-MP-1ADSL2-A, In special cases you may need this bundle Juniper SRX210B w/ SRX-MP-1SFP w/ EX-SFP-FE20KT.

Member - Internet Industry Association

Apex is a member of the Australian Internet Industry Association.

On behalf of its members, the IIA provides policy input to government and advocacy on a range of business and regulatory issues, to promote laws and initiatives which enhance access, equity, reliability and growth of the medium within Australia.

Member - Internet Industry Association

Apex is a member of the Australian Internet Industry Association creator of the iCode.

The icode was developed by the Internet Industry Association (IIA) in conjunction with the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and the Attorney-General's Department.
The new voluntary code was launched by the IIA, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy and the Federal Attorney-General, Robert McClelland at the start of the 2010 National Cyber Security Awareness week on 6 June 2010.

Member - Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Apex is a member of the Australian Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is a free and independent alternative dispute resolution scheme for small business and residential consumers in Australia with unresolved complaints about their telephone or internet services.